Trends come and go – but once in a while a new concept surfaces and we all scratch our heads thinking, “Why didn’t we come up with this sooner?!”. Vertical e-commerce videos – used in particular to showcase fashion for online shoppers – are a recent phenomenon worth all the fuss!

Mobile e-commerce sales are rising

Perhaps it’s no surprise that with more and more smartphones in peoples’ hands, mobile e-commerce sales are on the rise.

In fact, in 2021, mobile e-commerce sales are expected to hit $3.56 trillion dollars. Yes, trillion! The convenience of smartphones and the fact that we typically usually have our phone within reach means that it’s easy to make a purchase with a few easy clicks.

Shopping on mobile is quickly catching up to desktop purchases: 49% of people in one survey said they used their phone exclusively for their online shopping.

However, because of the convenience of shopping on mobile, e-commerce sites are encountering a bit of a double-edged sword – window shoppers.

67% of mobile phone users say that they have used their cell phone to window shop. What this means is that e-commerce retailers are being forced to find new and innovative ways to convert those views into sales.

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Vertical e-commerce videos for mobile

Optimizing your e-commerce site for mobile is without question something that ALL online retailers should have done yesterday. Once you’ve taken that step, you may be left wondering “what’s next?”. Consider implementing vertical e-commerce videos to showcase your products on-model or in-use.

Building trust with potential customers is how a potential customer becomes a paying customer. Seeing clothing worn by a live model allows a visitor to your e-commerce site to get an idea of the feel and fit of an item, and allows them to better picture themselves in the item.

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A “walk in” style on-model video

Vertical videos are quickly becoming a popular tool on large e-commerce retailer stores, and it’s easy to see why! Vertical fashion videos can be filmed with the model turning in place, walking into the frame, or something different altogether if that’s what you have in mind!

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It may feel overwhelming to source models, hair, and make up – however with our extensive network we would be happy to do the legwork for you to produce your vertical video shoot! Send us an email to chat about your ideas and for our vertical video packages and rates.

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